Travel Destinations 2013

Every new year arrives with its constellation of events and news, but what has the 2013 for travellers from all over the world?

A reply has tried to give it to the New York Times, with a detailed list of 46 towns this year will host something memorable, that they operated huge changes, or who simply have been rediscovered and brought to light a new irresistible charm.

Could not miss the Brazil with Rio de Janeiro. The South American nation is putting a shine to host the football World Cup in 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games. Massive police operations are trying to regain control on suburbs in the hands of drug cartels, with outcomes is often not clearly evaluated in terms of the lives of their inhabitants, and the mecca of Carnival is open to a more sophisticated tourism with the opening of the Cidade des Artes, new home of the Brazilian Symphony orchestra, and an exhibition of Colombian artists that will begin on 23 March at home Daros.

Scrolling down the list of the New York newspaper arrive in Amsterdam, whose museums Stedelijk and Rijksmuseum – two of the major Executive boxes to the art of the entire city – remained closed for about a decade because of restoration work. The city is famous worldwide for its coffee shop has always been a lively artistic and cultural centre, and now there is one more reason to appreciate fully the richness that comes from. As long as you remain lucid.

We thus also in Istanbul, who recently has been included in Eurail rail itinearario. Buy a pass for the 2013 and travel to Turkey could give the possibility to many to participate in one of the many cultural events that will star the city and visiting the Museum of innocence of the nobel prize for literature in 2006 Orhan Pamuk. Opened last year, the Museum is based on the novel of the same name by Pamuk, a novel describing life in Istanbul between the 1950s and the 2000.

There is also space for Italy on the list, in particular to Vernazza, Cinque Terre pretty village which was taken over by floods of 2011 and now rediscovers his fascination with renewed vivacity. And am glad to know that the restoration of the country is based on respect for the environment and nature, something that recalled the commitment of the British architect Richard Rogers, winner of the 2007 Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Inputs will be reading the list is also in South Africa. Constantia, a town near Cape Town nestled on the slope of Table Mountain, boasts 10 different farms dedicated to the production of wine, some of which were founded in the 17th century. Now new structures have been added to accommodate visitors intent to participate in the famous wine tour to sample local ENOGASTRONOMIC tours products: luxury restaurants, fine hotels and holiday cottages to suit the palate of visitors both hungry and thirsty.

Travel To Europe By Train

In Europe traveling by train. Because if it is true that increase low cost airlines and competition in the skies is rampant, it is also true that the rail transport companies are following suit, offering services and increasingly competitive rates.

A vacation should be something enjoyable and stress-free, but more often than not the beginning of a trip is ruined by the traumatic experience at the airport.
Are you tired of the endless file upon check-in and passport controls and boring? Travel by train means you can say goodbye to baggage fees and to wander around the airport for hours before taking off. Moreover, it is surprisingly easy! Take for example two cities in Europe are easy to reach by train.

Railway stations, before that trip, provoked in me a strange sense of melancholy! Sit on a train wagon meant leaving home, family, friends, and maybe even a little carefree youth to reach the city where did his military service. But all things come to an end sooner or later and, as if by magic, in a few months has changed my feeling with the locomotive! The end of conscription has coincided with the purchase of the rail ticket for your Interrail! Backpacking, an ounce of unconsciousness, and accompanied by a handful of daring departure to discover our dear old Europe!

Bergamo, Verona and then on to Munich! First clumsy stage concluded with a SIP of too delicious Bavarian beer. A few hours of sleep and the journey continues at night with destination Copenhagen! The Danish city is a pleasant surprise of modernity and colors, as are the girls who observe ride to reach the premises in the harbour.

But the train will not wait, after all the races abroad are punctual! After spending one night in Viking territory, it resumes the journey southbound. The next morning a visit to the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau, near Munich, is very touching. Consternation and disbelief skim over the strings of the collective memory. In the evening arrival at the train station in Vienna shows the attention to mundane everyday problems: where to eat and where to sleep! The next day the Austrian capital there takes your breath. The Habsburg architecture projects us into another era and the many museums of the city can only increase the desire to spend more time to admire them all. But little time remains, the coaches leave. Toccata and Fugue in Bern, Switzerland's capital where beautiful our curiosity is completely absorbed by meeting with one of its most illustrious citizens: the bear of Baerengraben. One last look at the snowy peaks of the Alps and orobian Clusone plateau is there, ready to welcome.

That trip by train through Europe has changed many things; has opened a world of aesthetic and inner experience that none of us could know first. Thanks to the charm of the railway: trains, and rail stations are familiar, inseparable companions, of thoughts and new experiences. Since that day, every return saw bully a desire to resume what you just completed.

With the advent of new technologies book the train ticket and accommodation is not a problem anymore, it's much easier to organize a holiday. You lose a bit of old world charm but the way to travel, to be guests and meet people is always the same. Join a community of travellers can help to increase the wealth of experiences and friendships.

Romantic Honeymoon Vacation

There's nothing like a romantic getaway honeymoon to Crown your wedding and the stress that came along with its preparation and planning. Couples have different ideas of how a nice honeymoon should be. There are those who would be happy with just being able to spend time with their loved one. However there are those who prefer to escape in some secluded paradise to be sure that there will be no intrusion and disturbance on honeymoon.

Many think that selecting the best honeymoon vacation package is very difficult. It is not so in reality. There are so many honeymoon vacation packages are available for you to choose from. Moon time honey is relaxation time, enjoying time and time for understanding spouse. Then select the package quickly and be free.

The choice of honeymoon package is easy if you follow the steps mentioned here. First select the money you want to spend and the target that you want to appear with your spouse. Select the package that suits your needs. This is all about selecting the best honeymoon package.

Choosing a honeymoon vacation package

There is little hint for those who are planning for their honeymoon as far as the best places for them. Are Couples Negril, Adventure Spa Palace, Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Grand Lido Braco and secrets Excellence Punta Cana.

Couples Negril

This is Jamaica. It is a beach resort. This is the perfect place for honeymoon, if couples beach lovers. The atmosphere and the climate is excellent here. Couples should not worry about privacy, as this is adults only resort on the beach. The place is quiet. There are many travel agencies offer the best honeymoon packages. Some companies are offering free catamaran cruise at sunset, in order to attract married couples.

Sandals Grande St Lucian

This is located in St. Lucia. The natural beauty of this village of honeymoon is simply superb. This, of course, one of the newest addition to the existing trio of sandalwood. This resort is located near Pigeon Island Park.

Secrets Excellence Punta Cana

This is the best location for their honeymoon. This resort is located on the coast of Canaan. This is very secluded place, so perfectly suited for the married couple to their game. This is a place for adults only, couples do not need to worry about their privacy. This runs parallel to the beach. Thus this village can be differentiated from other locations. Many travel agencies operating in this area and some of them offer free transport from the airport to this place. A few other companies offer a bottle of champagne, dinner at a restaurant, tropical fruits, etc. as a free gift to the couple.