How to Hire a Tour Guide

When we decided to go on vacation, most often hire a series of tourist destinations that will make us to enjoy a great time, but what happens when we reached our destination?, most of the times, don't know how to reach certain points and this makes that it will complicate our stay anywhere. So if you're looking to go on vacation or know any of the tourist destinations of the world, must pay attention to the tourist guides and is that this service is ideal for all those who arrive for the first time even country and have ignorance of it.

Hire a tour guide, may be something ideal to learn more about the destination where we are, because we will show different ways to know any place and best of all is that they tend to be too cheap. In addition to lead us to sightseeing tours, a tourist guide, is ideal to be a translator.

When we went to countries where other languages are spoken, much of the time we can't understand us with these people and it is then that it is perfect. Also hire a tour guide, offers a tour of the main points of the destination to find us and offers us a better explanation than others.

The Most Beautiful Destinations in Australia

I am now almost five years since the adventure of this site, and the reason why I opened, began. I decided to open this blog to tell my wanderings in that gigantic state-that is the continent Australia during my year Working holiday. Since then the blog has evolved, becoming a huge binder of information and itineraries of various kinds where getting lost and finding. I have not written to Australia, except to give technical notions. Then here we are today, four years since my return, I want to tell you what were the places that made me excited.

As already mentioned, the Australia is a huge country. From West to East passing three zones and five thousand kilometres of forests and deserts. The climate changes from South to North, but usually does not ever too cold except in Tasmania where it can even snow. We see therefore the most beautiful touch during my year down under.

You can't overlook the city more known of Australia when it comes to tourist attractions. The city develops around the Harbour, a fjord on which overlook the Opera House, the Harbour bridge and the botanical gardens. Farther away lies the CBD (central business district) with the Tower from which you can admire the panorama of the city while better for sunbathing, you can choose between Manly and Bondy beach. In short, a must do the trip to Australia.

The other Australian coastal towns deserve a pass, if only for their livability and a bit of social life. Melbourne City is defined by four seasons in one day due to the sudden climate change, Adelaide looks more like a large suburban city, Brisbane is the heart of the worldly life, close to the Golden coast and the beaches by surfers, Perth is distant and quiet with a truly magnificent lakefront on the Swan river.

After the right tribute to pleasant cities of Australia, let's dive into what are the beauties that attract the largest number of tourists this nation: the natural wonders. Also in this case we cannot start mentioning Uluru, the largest monolith on Earth. This Rock mountain is located in the middle of the desert and stands alone in the territories once inhabited by aborigines. The effect caused to his sight is indescribable ... or you'll catch, or disappoint. There are no half-measures, one can be amazed and stay for hours to admire (was my case) or watch it and exclaim: "it's just a rock!".

On the East Coast, in addition to inhabit most of the 20 million Australians, is a natural formation that has incredible size and spectacle: the Great Barrier Reef, the great barrier reef. Over three thousand kilometres long, extends off the northeastern coast of Australia and is home to thousands of species of fish, mammals and cetaceans, which make this place a huge cradle and custody of biodiversity … until it is given to know, so hurry up to visit!

After speaking of the most famous sights of the country, let's discover some lesser known but no less spectacular than can lead to less banter by mass tourism. The first is located on the West Coast, 300 kilometres north of Perth: in a small coastal desert thousands of Rocky crags are uncovered and eroded by wind action. It's the desert of Pinnacles! This place is a show that deserves to be admired at the height of her beauty, at dawn and dusk.

Staying on the West Coast but moving northward, the Shark Bay (Shark bay) where, however, the real attraction is the possibility to have a close encounter with the dolphins of Monkey Mia. Kangaroos and wallabies we will cross the road all the time ... not far also enjoy the Kalbarri National Park, where the red rocks rivers that resonates to have carved deep canyons over millennia.

The extreme Northwest is a peninsula off which there is a huge barrier reef (Ningaloo reef), which is overlooked by most tourists only because it overshadowed by the Majesty of the eldest sister of the East. Here you can snorkel on the beach (the great barrier reef is located fifty kilometers off!), camping in Cape Range National Park between kangaroos, emus and Pythons (Yes, I have found one under the toilet!) and, if you want to swim with the giant, but harmless whale shark.

Returning to the East, one of which, in Australia, I would visit again is certainly the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, between Melbourne and Adelaide ... and the bike would cover. The faraglioni and the cliffs that plunge

Tai Shan Mountain China

Tai' to itself is nothing special and also the Taishan can inspire only China newbies. Anyone who has seen other sacred mountains, must climb not even this 1500-metre mountain peak.

On the top of the mountain, there is a small town that looks like a temple complex. If you explore everything a bit closer, we see that the village consists almost exclusively of hotels. It is related that one can see the most beautiful sunrise at all according to the Chinese from the Taishan. (I saw much better - but that's another question).

The accommodations are overall pretty grottig and on Chinese websites reported different finite, that the owners under any pretexts did not repay the depot. I have looked at several accommodation and opted for a room for 100 Yuan. But generally that foreigners in such reasonable accommodations may not stay. Who wants to make on cheap, must so a little look around and tend to avoid the weekends when more visitors to the mountain stream. I've looked at even a better room for 700 Yuan. That looked pretty neat smelled but also quite moderig. It was written at the reception for two to three times. If you come during the Peaksaison, must access probably deep in the Pocket.

The other two options to stay are tents, which can be rented for 50 Yuan (without sleeping bag and mattress, which promises no very restful night), or dining rooms in which you at night may stand for a price of 10 Yuan. I hardly think that there can turn a blind eye, but in the colder season it is there inside not so cold.

The ascent is tiring, because rather far - but it is not difficult. You have to take endless levels under the feet, which are sometimes quite steep. I've seen several people of pensionable age have managed that. I myself have halved the line due to time constraints. It works so: with a bus can for 30 yuan to the center of the rise and go on from there to walk. Who, that is too tiring, can drive from the Center with a cable car for 80 Yuan to the Summit, which takes about 10 minutes. The second half of the climb is interesting, but it is located in a Valley and it has no really good views. You miss not much with the cable car therefore.

Do it the Chinese way. Because as mentioned, the Sunrise is considered especially beautiful, many Chinese in the dark walk upwards. I have not done that, but I think this is easily feasible. You can buy flashlights and batteries on the go (to a slightly outrageous price). The Sunrise is pretty early. In my case (may) at 5: 10 am. The whole ascent takes about six hours. You should start therefore roughly between ten and eleven o'clock in the evening.